CENTRE FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (CYD) is a non-governmental organization aimed at fostering a sense of belonging among the Nigerian and African youths by dedicated Youth re-orientation and empowerment exercises. This organization was born out of the need for a better and sustainable leadership in Nigeria and Africa. The time is now, let us together unite and SAY NO TO CORRUPT PRACTICES.

CYD is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Abuja with CAC/IT/NO 40288.
The Center for Youth Development prides itself as a genuine organization that is sincerely interested in the well being of the youths and a better Nigeria. To date, the centre for youth development has been self funded, but has achieved a lot with very little resources.

Car Wash Setup by CYD to help some youths within the area earn a living.

The car wash is a small scale business that has been set up by CYD to help some youths within the area earn a living.
Testimonies from these young youths indicate that they are comfortably making a living from the business and also able to support their families in their own little way.
This is one of the many ways the CYD has put a smile on the faces of many Nigerian youths.

AMARUZ - Online Shopping Company

As part of CYD's commitement to empowering Nigerian youths, some members of the CYD have also set up an online shopping company in the name of AMARUZ.
AMARUZ is the No.1 online shop in Nigeria - www.amaruz.com.
You can buy all the kind of products you want from anywhere in Nigeria.
AMARUZ delivers to your door steps any kind of good required at an affordable price.

The CYD enjoys a formidable network of people globally. The network continues to grow daily. Just recently, when on a Europe and American tour, the founding president Mr. Chuka Abajuo successfully engaged some well meaning Nigerians with interest of the youths at heart who are willing to work with the youths to create employment and technology transfer. His ideas were welcomed as he addressed forums of Nigerians living abroad in Texas and New York in the USA and furthermore Aberdeen and Glasgow United Kingdom. Since there, the coalition has begun between some Nigerians living abroad and the youths back home. The CYD has also begun talks with, individuals, investment organizations and Banks on avenues to secure loans with reasonable interest rates, to enable youths with the foresight and good business innovations to set up small scale businesses. Since the CYD is not a political organization, it has continued to reject several advances by dubious politicians who intend to hijack the interest of the organization for selfish reasons especially as the general elections draws closer.

The CYD is also open to genuine persons, organizations, corporate bodies and other NGO’s who wish to support its program or partner with it in any form.


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